Our Story

Ashiana was founded over ten years ago by Anastasia Buisman – a nomad in her own right. Having lived in more than seven countries before starting Ashiana – it was hard for Anastasia not to find inspiration.

“Inspiration for me comes from the little things like the mirrors and colours I see in Jaipur to the colour of the soil against the green in Kenya to just walking around a diverse city like London. Put all this together and you are just buzzing with new ideas that can translate into fashion and what better way to express it than accessories. The ethos behind Ashiana was to create an affordable yet luxurious label for the travelling woman. Jewellery , bags and scarves that travel well, look great on any occasion and that are not so expensive that they need to be locked up in a safe.”

Our Vision

Our vision at Ashiana is to celebrate design and colour at an affordable price. We believe that women should always accessorise. We don’t believe in over dressed, we’re fans of mixing it up and that little imperfections make things just right!

Great style has its origins in great design. Every one of our pieces – from the jewellery, to the scarves and bags is created in our London studio where our team draw, string, bead and design our visions based on our global travels, research and experiences. We love fashion but are not slaves to it. We are more interested in making a woman look and feel fabulous no matter what the latest trend might be.

We pride ourselves in getting things handmade wherever we can thus making each of our pieces a one off in its own right. Our colour use is like no other – from the bright, fun and flirty to the classically elegant. At Ashiana we let the stones speak with their own natural beauty and design our jewellery around this.