Meet Anastasia, Ashiana's Founder & Creative Director

We ask Ashiana's owner & creative director a few questions about how the brand started and her style tips for this season....

Why did you start Ashiana?
14 years ago there was a gap in the market for semi precious jewellery with a handmade feel at an affordable price. Something that looked expensive but that you felt safe and comfortable wearing. I couldn't find places to buy that look and being half Indian I explored India using family contacts and started to develop relationships with artisans who still make jewellery by hand. To this day I still work with the same people as 14 years ago. My desire was to create a range that was fun, colourful and yet classic and wearable and hence the collection for Ashiana was started!
What inspires you when creating new collections? 
Colour and texture - they are my constants. Plus anything to do with the sea, beach life or a plam tree.
What is your favourite way to accessorise? 
For evening especially in the winter I always reach for statement earrings and rings. In the summer I layer up necklaces and have to have a bracelet stack. No matter what I am wearing once I add some jewellery I immediately feel more glam and dressed up.
What is your go to piece from the classic collection? 

I have 2 - the Anastasia earrings ( obviously.....) and the Cheyenne earrings. I carry either one in my handbag in our adorable Ashiana sari pouches and if I have to go out unexpectedly then a bit of lippy and a statement earring and I feel good to go.
How would you describe your style?
Tough one- sometime preppy - so jeans and a white shirt is one of my favourite looks but since becoming a mum its more practical - I tend to love a maxi skirt, trainers and a cute top - jewellery of course - it's boho city chic.
What styling tips do you have for this season?

For this season hoops, pearls and a beaded bag are essentials I would say. Hoops are just great for everyday - something like our Esmeralda earrings - its on trend but yet so classic it's not going to go out of style. With the festive period coming up - pearls have had a revamp and look great against black or darker clothing - it's a pop to light up your face. Then of course I would say get a beaded bag so you can add some festive cheer in the darker nights - every girl has to have a bit of bling!