A Lazy Day in Notting Hill

Lets face it, in February and March the weather is still not great! You can’t just sit inside all weekend for the next two months so here’s some tips for a fun chilled day out in London!

It’s the weekend!! Have a lazy lay in and arrange to meet friends around 12 noon at Portobello Market. Start at the top end near Notting Hill and browse the antique map shops.

I saw great cheap maps that you could paint on top of with a slogan of your choice to decorate you place, this is a piece of art from the Affordable Art Fair that inspired me to do this! (Below)

As you pass the antique section and all of the fruit and vegetables shops why not stop to munch on some of the food vendors and their great snacks! At the end of the market is Portobello Green, this is where the real fun starts! Browse young designers and vintage pieces alike. It’s all about fashion and accessories and full of inspiration.

Once you have spent the day browsing and shopping you may need to flop down with a glass of wine and some more munchies and cosy up in a warm place. We have just the place! Book your seats in advance at the Electric Cinema.

It’s old school with red velvet galore, chairs and footstools and even cashmere blankets. You can take your wine to your seat and there is an old fashioned sweetie room for your pick and mix munchies!

Now what you need is a cocktail and a good natter about the film you just watched and the place to go is E&O.

This fusion restaurant by Will Ricker has been in the neighbourhood for years and is always buzzing and the food is consistently off the charts good! Start with a drink at the bar - check out the scene and natter away.

Build up your appetite and head to the restaurant and feast on black cod, tempura, sushi and other amazing dishes. What a way to end a lovely chilled day in Notting Hill!