It’s 4am and all I can hear is the shrill of the alarm clock in my ear. Any other day I would roll over and turn it off wiling myself back to sleep….but not today! It’s the Ashiana SS16 photoshoot in India. So I swing out of bed, help myself to some caffeine and meet up with the team. It’s the Ashiana India team, photographers, stylist, make-up artist, video crew and support team. We cannot forget our lovely models who are all excited for the day. We drive into a lovely village, to an old colonial farm and that is our location for the first half of the shoot.

We are greeted by peacocks, chickens and super friendly dogs and we set up for the day. The light is dreamy and the living is easy! The sun comes up and warms us, makeup and jewellery on – light , camera- here we go! We capture the essence of this collection through the different looks – Glam : lounging by the pool in full 70’s hair, Exotic: earthen wear pots and palm trees in the back ground, Nature: green flora and fauna with pops of colour. The second day is my highlight. There we had our favourite model of all time :Moti ( translated – Fatty) the Elephant. She was a dream to work with. We gave her our scarves and she kept tossing them in the air – we were in fits of giggles. We all took our turns hugging and kissing her. She posed with our models and let them climb up on her back to pose. She was a delight ! Half way through the shoot we had to have a snack break and bring Moti her favourite leaves and bananas to keep up her good spirits through the shoot.

All in all – it’s the most fun shoot I have worked on and having Moti there was a personal dream come true for me. Of course Moti will be back again for our AW16 collection as she was such a delight. In the meantime we hope you like the results of SS16!

Xoxo Anastasia Buisman – Founder of Ashiana