Designing the new collection La Muse

We had a catch up with Founder & Designer Anastasia to discuss the inspirations, challenges & design process behind the new collection La Muse.


Tell us a bit more behind your inspiration for the new collection 'La Muse'  - I was inspired by laid back Parisian chic.    Its about making your accessories styling look effortless.  By adding a statement earring like the Golden Horseman collection elevates your outfit to a new level. 
Talk us through the process when designing the new collection?  I generally look back at the year and look at which styles have been most popular with our clients and understand why.  I then adapt those for newness.  In addition I will look to out world - so what's going on, what's important to us and to people around us - based on that We put together a story - this winter it was La Muse - easy and adaptable Parisian inspired street style. 
How did you adapt to designing a collection during a pandemic? This process has been hard due to Covid and the restrictions.  I put together my mood board via online means ( normally I would scour markets and get swatches, samples and physical inspirations).  i am very much a touch and feel person so online visuals as one of my main sources was definitely a challenge.   
Ashianas focus is on handmade, what handmade techniques have been used in the new collection?  SO much of the collection is hand made rather than mass produced.  Look at our charms - the beating on the , the textures - they are all achieved by hand.  The stringing and looping of stones - by hand.  The WE have a lot of wire work in this collection - this is very labour intensive. The stones are delicate and wiring every element is handwork at its best. 
This season you've introduced lots of new earrings, which pairs are your favourite & for which occasions would you wear them?  Oh I do love a good earring !   So I adore the Horseman collection - the stud for day and hoop for night.   For evenings we have 3 strong star pieces that stand out for me - Yvonne, Gisella andLlourdes - I love them all and love the noise the Yvonne and Giella make when I walk ! 
What celebrities would you love to see wearing the new collection?  I think given the inspiration it would be someone like Vanessa Paradis but to be honest - I would just like to see women in general rocking this range - I love to see how the pieces are styled differently and that'swhy this is a strong collection - its open to so many different style types.