Our clothing line has arrived. Welcome, Ella India!

We are so excited to introduce the collection launch of our first ever resort wear clothing line, Ella India. 

We have been working closely with skilled British designers to bring you a range of gorgeous summer kaftans, dresses, camisoles and more.

The new range is named Ella India, after Ashiana’s creative director and founder Anastasia's little girl, who she has dedicated the clothing line to. The line is vibrant & bright to reflect Ella’s personality.

Anastasia set out to design a range of gorgeous, fashionable summer pieces for all women, to look beautiful and feel great no matter what shape. As Anna is a Mum on the go, she wanted this range to suit working Mums, making them effortlessly chic & practical, for every day.

When talking about the collection Anastasia says "The Ella India range is representative of a time in my life when I needed strength and Ella gave that to me.  It's a celebration for strong adventurous women of all shapes and sizes.  Each dress is an explosion of colour - which is like the explosion of emotion I have when Ella walks into the room.  This range is my gift to my little girl - to show her strength.  Its a collection made by strong women for strong women.”

The idea behind the Ella India line is a fresh take on resort wear. The dresses are designed to be loose and floaty, easy to wear on the beach and also on a city break. 

The range was designed to make holiday wear flattering to all body shapes and to reflect a bold and happy summer of fun and travel! All materials used are natural breathable fibres that make Ella India the perfect summer choice, clothing that is lightweight and soft.

You can now shop at Ashiana for the perfect overall summer look, from dresses to bags to jewellery, we have you covered for summer style!