Fashion Fashion Fashion!

February marks the start of Fashion Weeks. We get a full fashion fix with all the flamboyant and decadent catwalk shows that run in sequence in glamorous cities such as London, New York, Paris and Milan. It’s truly a feast for the eyes and there is always a good backstage story that comes along with it.

If Fashion Week still doesn’t quite do it for you then how about the glamour that surrounds the Oscars. Beautiful actresses dressed up to the nines and men looking dapper in black tie fill our screens for the night! There is enough spruced up eye candy looking their best to keep us satiated for weeks.

Love is in the Air!

February represents hope – hope for love, hope for even more love than we have and even hope for just a little flirty fun with the onset of Valentines day. We love packing the Valentine’s jewellery orders for our customers and take great joy in the little love notes that we are asked to write to accompany them….gives us a little sigh of joy in office! The cherry on our saucy cake this year is the release of the film version of Fifty Shades of Grey. Will it or won’t it be it be like the book – is Mr Grey as we had hoped….stay tuned….. We are already feeling the love and long may it continue!

All around the world there are numerous visual spectacles and events to keep us excited this month. From the celebrations of Chinese New Year to big beefy men in the US Superbowl to the delicious excuse to eat pancakes in the UK on Pancake Day. There really is something for everyone. And if all you want to do is to sit and chill with nature then look out for the delicate blooms of snowdrop flowers that gallantly fight through the frozen soil to fly their pristine white flag for upcoming spring and all the joy and hope that will bring!

And that’s why February excites us…………xoxo The Ashiana Team