There is no such thing! Or is there?

Well... it's the first time we've heard about it but this new wave of exercise has been around for quite a while now and it's popularity seems to be spreading quite rapidly. YogaAqua, Yoga on a paddleboard and SUP Yoga are only a few names it is known by and celebrities such as Lady Gaga are already using this method to whip their bodies into shape.

Yoga Aqua

Turquoise water, meditative state, toned body.... No more convincing needed- we are in! Except where do you get THAT if you live in London, right?. Actually, you can. The water might not be from the turquoise ocean or have the palm trees on the coast but you will get the same exercise. In fact the international SUP yoga community ( has 3 options listed for the UK: Sup-Yoga Bournemouth , SUP Yoga - Brighton and Pure Yoga Zone in London! Yippee!... But just in case you don't fancy pool training or training in the not so turquoise Paddington Basin you can choose a SUP Yoga retreat in Sardinia, Marrakesh or Ibiza instead... Now we are talking, right?

Paddleboard Yoga looks like great fun a good challenge and an empowering experience to us however if if you are not yet convince here is a link with another 10 reasons from Huffington post to entice you:

We are going to give it a try in the run up to summer - are you? Drop us a line if you do!

The Ashiana Team