DISCOVER: Meet the designer

Ashiana's founder and creative director Anastasia talks more about the collection and lets us know her go-to styles.
What are the main themes for the AW20 collection?
I had clear themes for AW20 but when Covid shut business down I had to rethink.  I edited the collection so that there is one main theme - PIECES THAT WILL WORK HARD FOR YOU.
People have smaller budgets but still want a pick me up or something new, so our pieces in the AW20 collection will work hard for you, you can dress them up and dress them down or layer with existing pieces. We have priced them competitively and just as much love has gone into making these as ever. 

What was your inspiration behind these themes for the collection?
I originally had my celestial theme and a new layering coin collection. I kept so many of these themes but focused on making the collection into a smaller edit of key season must-haves that would work hard.  So styles I know our customers love like stars and moons, coins, hammered discs but with new stones and focused more on pearls - just to give us freshness and newness but keeping faithful to our core clients who come to us for the things that we have become known for. 
What are your favourite jewellery styles in the new collection?
The Leo necklace is a winner in my book. I love the Saturn necklace with delicate beading and I adore the charms. The chunky necklace Pearla Chain is going to be fab with knitwear. For bracelets the Etoile is a no brainer and gives me an update on that star look that comes every winter season. 

What is your favourite bag style this season?
I adore the Chysler beaded pouch, both in black and gold and navy and silver.

What gemstones have you introduced this season?
The grey moonstone is new & the shine on it is incredible. I have also brought back black onyx for the first time in years and it is proving to be our best selling colourway so far. 

What do you predict to be the best seller this season?
I think it will be the gold and black chrysler clutch and jewellery wise I think the Etoile bracelet, northern star earrings and the long chilli necklace.

If you had to choose, earrings / bracelets or necklaces?
Big earrings all the way for the evening and coin layering for day with minimal earring action.