Valentines Gift Guide

Have you thought about what to get her for valentines day this year? We have the perfect gift suggestions for you to show her you are a true romantic.

Treat your wife or girlfriend to our romantic gift suggestions of luxurious semi-precious earrings, gold disc necklaces, statement cuffs and handwoven clutch bags. Whether you are shopping for yourself or your significant other, we think we’ve chosen our most special, heartfelt love inspired valentines present ideas below.

1. Winona Earrings in Pink Opal. 22k gold plated pink opal semi-precious drop stone earrings with a brushed gold disc cluster. £28.50

Is she an earring lover? You can’t go wrong with these delicate disc cluster earrings. Let her know that pink opal stones symbolise peace and tranquility for the aura and you hope these earrings bring her just that.

2. Miami Clutch Stardust Pink. Crafted from unique weaves and textures with a hand printed silver star. This rose pink clutch bag has a waterproof lining perfect for toiletries & cosmetics whilst travelling. It also doubles up as the perfect clutch. £45.00

Is she the star to your moon? Then this clutch bag is perfect for her.

3. Cosmos Necklace Rose Quartz. This short necklace style is 22k gold plated and finished with a rose quartz semi precious stone. £22.50

Sometimes delicate gifts are the best ones. Play it safe with this elegant teardrop stone necklace in Rose Quartz, the true stone of love.

4. Boho Pendant Necklace Gold. 22k gold plate and our signature beaten discs make this style a classic Ashiana signature style. £26.50

Bohemian necklace style at its best! If you know she loves necklaces then she is sure to love this long pendant in gold. A best seller and a known favourite amongst fashion influencers on instagram.

5. Bay Reef Earrings Rose Quartz. 22k gold plated earrings finished with rose quatrz semi precious stones and a mini beaded hoop. £30.00

For a real treat why not order her these beautiful earrings along with the cosmos necklace? They really do make a great set.

6. Mini Miami Pouch Dusty Pink Diamonds Pattern. Crafted from dusty pink weaves and textures, the mini Miami jacquard zip pouch also has a waterproof lining so is perfect for toiletries & make up. £26.00

What female doesn’t love a new makeup bag? Tell her its perfect for travelling & maybe you can start to plan your next adventure together? We are sure to never leave this behind when going away.

7. Miami Clutch Dusty Pink Diamonds Pattern. Embellished with fun matching pom-poms, the Miami Clutch adds warmer tones of colour to your wardrobe. £45.00

Perfectly paired with the above mini pouch, this style is also ideal for travelling. Do you really need another excuse to plan a quick getaway?

8. Acapulco Necklace Labradorite. This classic necklace style is 22k gold plated and finished with a shimmering hand selected labradorite stone. £37.50

Labradorite stones are always sure to impress. With beautiful depths of shimmering blues it really is a way to show you care.

9. Snake Cuff Gold. An elegant cuff perfect to make a statement. £64.50

If she likes statement jewellery then this cuff is the one! Perfect to wear to that special occasion dinner you’ve planned for her!

10. Solange Earrings Rose Quartz. 22k gold plated with earrings finished with delicate rose quartz beading. £19.50

Last but not least, these classic earrings a perfect for the minimal lover. Embellished with Rose quartz beads makes them a special gift this valentines day!